Magnet coordinator:
Peter Senger


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CBM magnet

The large-aperture superconducting dipole magnet hosts the target and the Silicon Tracking System, and provides the magnetic field needed for the momentum determination of the charged particles produced in the collisions. The magnet has been jointly designed by experts from GSI Darmstadt, the Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia, and from the Budker Institute for Nuclear Physics (BINP) in Novosibirsk, Russia, Presently, the magnet is under construction at BINP. The superconducting cable with a Cu/NbTi ratio of 7 has been produced, the coils and the cryogenic system has been designed, and  the yoke is being machined. The coils are surrounded by a copper case, and are indirectly cooled by liquid Helium flowing in a tube embedded in the outer circumference of the copper case. The cooling circuit is of thermo-syphon type. The magnet has a total weight of about 150 tons, the aperture of the magnet gap is 144 cm vertically and 300 cm horizontally. The field integral is 1 Tm over a distance of ± 0.5 m around the center, with a maximum field value of 1 T.